The homestead!

We live a smudge north of the ski resort Åre. At the foot of a small mountain with two lakes souranding the homestead.

The homestead is over one hundred years old and has always served as a home for animals. From the beginning a farm with cows, later on horses and today as a home for 30ish polardogs and three goats.

The homestead has a barn, a stable (now used as operating house for everyday dog business), two small cottages and a main house.

There are 12 dogpens/enclosures housing around 35 polardogs. 

 We have put alot of thought into enrichment, large play areas, isolated doghouses and plenty of opportunities for outlet of natural behaviors as digging, climning, balancing, investigating and running. The dogpens are also equipped with "dog gyms" where we can implement coordination, movement and muscle training on a daily bases all year around.

They live in groups where the important social interaction takes place.

Enclsure one

Enclsure two

Enclsure three

Dogpens 1-10