Run with us!

Epic adventures!

Tailor made adventures powered by polardogs of the north!
We have purebreed Alaskan malamutes and Greendlanddogs that are eager to learn you all about mushings true nature!

You will tag along for the real deal as we go up into the mountains to expreience the dogs natural working environment, facing small and big challenges as you will become one with your dogteam.

Visiting us is about more then standing on a slead, it will be learning of packmanagment, leadership and dog behavior as well as experiencing the nature up close as we run the dogs into places only they can take us.

Your participation is important, as you will be a part in harnessing the dogs, packing the slead, making up a fire and cooking food tougheter with us!

This is how we do it:
You tell us what you are looking for and we will set up the expreience for you. We offer daytours, overnight runs and several day expeditions.


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  • Let us know why you want to run with us, what do you want to experience?