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Ukioq insider

Run with us! Now you can join the team! Be a part of our kennel as an insider!

Through out your sponsorship you will receive a unique inside sight of training, packmanagment and dog behavior. It's a great educational and inspiration opportunity to learn more about dogs and mushing!

This is what it's all about;
Access to our Instagram account "UkioqInsider" where you will find:

- Unique pictures and stories from inside the kennel
- Educational videos and texts
- Live Q&R once a month
- Sneak peak on new stuff going on
- Inside news
- Dog memoares

Price: 50 dollar / 50 euro/ 500SEK
(Your contribution will go  strait to th dogs.  We will use the support to dogs snacks, harnesses, booties and other equipment specifically used by the dogs)

You will have acess to the inside account December 10th to June 15th
Exclusive sponsorship

Sponsor a particular dog to two physiotherapist treatments!

You will receive personal updates on the dog and public recognition on  our website and Instagram!

This is our thank you for the sponsorship;
You will recive...
- One Ukioq cup
- One Ukioq T-shirt
- One Ukioq braclet
- Sponsorship certificate
- Acesss to "Ukioq insider"

A dog will only have ONE sponsor so you will exclusively have sponsorship for the dog you choose to sponsor. 

Price: 200 dollar / 200 euro / 2000kr

The dogs up for sponsorship 2022 are:
Knoxville      Sponsored by Gudrun Nilsson
Bonnie          Sponsored Heather Winnan
Clyde               Sponsored by Merina Andersen Cromwell
Mississippi    Sponsored by Debbie Pence
Tarfala             Sponsored by  Carol a Westesson
  Sponsored by Karina Lövgren
Leah                Sponsored  Monica Mancini
Nashville        Sponsored by Jonna Chmura
Kingsley            Sponsored by Agnes Lithberg
Qivittoq             Sponsored by Joseba Alkain

Tundra             Sponsored by Agnes Lithberg
Leo                      Sponsored by Birgit Kruys
Isbjörn               Sponsored by Sarah McNamara

Learn more about the dogs here!

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  • (As a exclusive sponsor you have acess to "Ukioq insider")
  • If you are signing up for exclusive sponsorship, let us now what dog you wish to sponsor! If it dosent matter put in "any dog".
  • Please give us your complete homeadress so we can send you your sponsorship package!
  • When we recive your application for sponsorship we will get back to you with payment details.

    When payment is complete we will grant you the benefits of your sponsorship